Brittany Ferries have brought millions of travellers to Normandy over the years, so they’re very well placed to discover what their passengers have enjoyed whilst in the region. Here’s a great list that they’ve compiled and maybe you’ll be here soon to agree!


1. Tapisserie de Bayeux

A visit to the Bayeux Tapestry is a great way to get kids interested in some history. The nearly 70m long tapestry depicts the Norman Conquest of England and the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and there’s also a short film that explains all about the events that inspired the tapestry. Film showings and audio guides are available in English.

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2. Mémorial de Caen

This incredible museum is a must-see and caters for all the family (although it’s best for kids aged 7+ due to some of its content). You’ll learn all about Europe’s descent into war in 1939, the events of WW2 and D-Day and also its aftermath, including the Cold War. There’s even a recreated German bunker outside in the vast memorial gardens. And, it’s free entry for children under 10.

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3. Mont St Michel

A tidal island in a beautiful bay, topped by a majestic abbey – it’s the stuff of fairy tales, isn’t it? Climb the winding cobbled street, lined with souvenir shops, créperies and restaurants, to the Benedictine abbey at the top of over 900 steps. Kids will love the adventure of this stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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4. Cité de la Mer

Clamber aboard La Redoubtable, the largest submarine open to the public in the world, discover the seas in 17 aquariums including the deepest aquarium in Europe and walk through some of the sumptuous rooms of the Titanic  – all at La Cité de la Mer in Cherbourg! A unique attraction all about life under and on the sea.

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5. Festyland

Located just outside of Caen, this historically-themed amusement park is brilliant fun for younger kids. With rollercoasters, water slides, bumper boats, a medieval castle and more, it’s a perfect family day out. And, you can feel better about letting the kids play all day because they’ll be learning a little about Vikings, the Battle of Hastings and even the Belle Epoque too.

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6. Zoo de Champrepus

Not just your usual zoo, the Zoo de Champrepus also focuses on plant life from around the world with its botanical garden. See the lions and tigers, gibbons and lemurs, giraffes, penguins and many other animals but in the botanical gardens you’ll also find bright macaws and elegant flamingos amongst the exotic plants from around the globe.

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7. Monet’s Garden

Even if your children have never heard of Monet, Monet’s garden in Giverny is a beautiful garden for the kids to play in. Where Monet painted some of his most famous paintings, including the Water Lilies series, wander through the blossoming flower garden and the pretty water garden and see the beauty and colour of a garden laid out by an artist.

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8. Château de Guillaume de Conquérant

Built by William the Conqueror and improved by his ancestors, this castle was the family seat and is an impressive military structure. An imposing sight on the hilltop, there are three keeps which have all been restored, a great hall and high enclosing walls that offer a great view and plenty of space to run around. Inside you can explore with augmented reality and videos.

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9. Zoo de Jurques

With a Wild West themed petting zoo, where children can get up close with donkeys, goats and more and try their hand at being a farmer, there’s a lot for kids who like to get their hands dirty. In the main zoo there are lots of animals to see including rare white lions, giraffes, wallabies, parrots and spider monkeys.

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10. Pegasus Memorial

One of the first sites taken by Allied paratroopers in the early hours of D-Day, Pegasus Bridge was a vital point in securing the success of the Allied advancement. The original bridge was removed and replaced and is now on display in the grounds of the museum alongside a replica Horsa glider, which would have dropped the paratroopers.