Bonjour! We’re really excited that our new website here at Le Gaudin went live in the past week. We’ve been busy collating information from our old website along with new links and detail on the history, attractions and general culture of Normandy.

Of course a lot of people think of the war when it comes to Normandy so we’ve made sure to include as much as possible on museums and other related details. We’re also going to try and reflect the Normandy way of life through the website to give everyone an understanding of┬áhow great it is living in the Calvados region. We’ve┬ástarted our recipes page so you can have your own French gourmet experience at home!

We’ve finally expanded into the world of social media too, sorry for the delay! We’re getting a little help here as we’re on a steep learning curve, but will post as much as possible to give an insight to life here, but hopefully not too much that we bore you on how good it is!

Finally, just a thank to all past clients who have stayed at Le Gaudin. We’ve been lucky enough that some have even posted reviews on our TripAdvisor page and we’re very grateful for that too. To our future clients too, we hope that you enjoy the website and all treat it as an ever-growing resource for everything Normandy and French! We’ll even be launching an online newsletter soon so you can catchup on things you may have missed. Just subscribe using the adjacent form.