Le Gaudin is on one of the pilgrim trails. Beginning in the Middle Ages, pilgrims from the world over have come to honour St.Michael at the Abbey.  The first Benedictine monks arrived in 966 and remodeled the existing lodgings to create a monastery.

Le Gaudin was the grounds for a former monastic shelter and feeding feeding station for pilgrims heading to Mt St Michael. The pilgrim’s way dates to around 40 years after the foundation of Mont-Saint-Michel. It is said that water was collected by those on the trail from the stream that still flows through the grounds of Le Gaudin to this day.

If you wanted to walk to Mont-Saint-Michel from Le Gaudin it would take around 21 hours on today’s landscape, so we assume most would prefer the 70 mins by car! Once there, and after taking in the awesome view, you can then wander up the winding walkway discovering shops and restaurants, hidden alleyways and more. Wherever you look there’s history in abundance and if you reach the top you’re rewarded with amazing views. All this is free of charge and you only play if you decide to enter the abbey, which we do recommend as you’ll not want to miss the architecture and history.

As the number 1 visited site in Normandy, we consider ourselves privileged to be a very small part of the history of Mont-Saint-Michel. Why not find out more about this amazing place by visiting the tourism site below.

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